Saturday, 24 August 2013

Intent Behind Detaining Miranda – Clegg


The intent behind detaining Miranda was the same: to retrieve or destroy classified information.”


These are the words of Nick Clegg in a Guardian article entitled, “I share the concerns about David Miranda's detention”.

Plain and simple!  Nothing about terrorism!

Only one problem: the words aren’t there any more.   The article was published at 19.59 (UK time) and “amended at 21.05 BST for legal reasons.”


Those same words were included in another Guardian article  - “Nick Clegg queries whether police acted lawfully over David Miranda” - by Nicholas Watt and published at 20.00 BST, as follows:

"The intent behind detaining David Miranda was the same [as the government's negotiations with the Guardian]: to retrieve or destroy classified information.”

but by 21.39 the sentence had gone.  Unlike the Clegg article there is no mention that the article has been edited.  The original of Watt’s article can be seen here.


Unfortunately while writing this post the only cached version – Yahoo’s - of Clegg’s original article disappeared.  Google’s and Bing’s had already gone.  I was fool enough to start writing without saving the original.  Fortunately, though, the original can be viewed here, here and here.  I have saved versions of these three sources.



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  1. It's an issue I never got into, it passed by and yet it should be on everyone's lips. I plan to do this but can't until Sunday.

    Thanks, Calum.