Monday, 24 February 2014

A Little Cry of Joy


David Bowie (via Kate Moss) says “Scotland, stay with us”.


David Cameron says, “when I saw Kate Moss leap to the stage and utter those words I have to say I did let out a little cry of joy”.


CalumCarr says, “Heaven help us”.


Scotland says, “Yes!


  1. " Scotland says, “Yes!” "

    Except it doesn't so far. It mainly says No (more than Yes) and Don't know, so you have some persuasion to do my lad, before the poll that matters.

  2. Only 18th September matters. I am confident, despite the media battering, that voters will opt for an independent Scotland.

    This video (36min) is worth watching re the economic situation. It's Ivan Mackee of Business for Scotland taking a simple walk through the basic economics.