Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dragged back for Scotland


This is a post I thought would never be written.  I was finished with blogging.  I had moved on …. fortunately …. but I am dragged back …. for Scotland and its people.

September’s independence referendum is crucial to Scotland’s future.


A ‘No’ vote keeps us tied to London-dominated decision-making.

A ‘No’ vote keeps us tied to the neo-liberalism of the 4 main rUK parties.

A ‘No’ vote keeps us tied to the Machiavellian British Establishment.

A ’No’ vote keeps us tied!


A ‘Yes’ vote gives us freedom!  Not a Braveheart freedom but a freedom to make our own decisions, a freedom to stand or fall by these decisions, a freedom to build the society which we want for our people, a freedom to be who we want to be.

This is not an ethnic freedom we seek, whatever that would or could be, but a freedom for all who live in Scotland.


There is much work to be done to achieve independence and many will claim, many already claim, that an independent Scotland wouldn’t have real independence. 

Whatever the currency solution we would be tied to the rUK’s interest rates without any input to the decision-making.  As though Scotland has influence now!  

Scotland in Europe would be replacing London control with Brussels control.  Do any question the independence of Belgium or France or Germany?

But the essence of the ‘debate’ is not about whether Scotland is better within or outwith the Union.

In the coming months we will be assailed by bias upon bias, by negativity upon negativity and by lies upon lies.  Of course there are questions to be asked and questions to be answered but answers are not important to most who pose them.  Fear is important.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of being apart from our much larger partner (current).  Fear of failure.  Actually, the ‘of’ is unimportant.  All that matters is ‘fear’.

We must be afraid to vote ‘Yes’!


Scotland is challenging the British state and Establishment.  How dare we?

Who dares wins!


  1. Interesting to hear the voice of Calum stirring again.

    Would it not be "Former UK" rather than rUK, or to abbreviate... FUK?

    I am not going to declare any strong position, but I am mighty interested to know why an Eton Toff like Cameron is so desperate to hang on to us.

  2. I couldn't possibly use the acronym you suggest. Faith, old boy, faith.

    Once I would have splashed a swear word here or a swear word there but as the song says,

    "Those days are past now and in the past they must remain."

  3. Going to take Andrew's position and sit on the fence on this one. It's quite interesting following it though.

  4. "Sit on the fence", James.

    You don't know what a fence is!

    C'mon, be a man. Say what you think.

  5. Truth is I ha nae thought it out. I see both sides. If they go independent, we get the English parliament with a push. If not, then the union is preserved and Brussels does not get its way.

    So I really cannae take a stand.

  6. The thing is though James, if Scotland vote Yes then rUK surely gets permanent Conservative Party government, or certainly much greater chance of it, so why is the Conservative Party urging us to vote No? What do we have that they want to keep hold of? Haggis? IrnBru? Oil? A place far away from London to keep Trident submarines? Heather? Rain? The Krankies? It's a puzzle...

  7. It's a surprise, Andrew, but James is not biting.

  8. Be careful what you wish for :)

  9. Hi, JD

    No worries.

    We get our independence first. At a later date we can decide on a monarch (or not). I could always stand as El Presidente and promise great music every morning.