Saturday, 1 March 2014

Advice to Johann Lamont


In the last couple of days I have reposted letters (from 2009) to Alex Salmond and David Cameron.  Johann Lamont did not have a high enough profile then to warrant my writing to her.  There are many who will say today, despite being leader of something to do with the Labour party in Scotland – I’m not sure she knows what is that something, that her profile is still too low to bother about.  I disagree.

Today’s ‘letter’ is much shorter than the others.  In fact it’s not a letter; it’s some simple advice but I still found it difficult to pitch it appropriately.  In fact, I couldn’t settle on one approach and so I gave Johann two options for her next political intervention.  Hopefully one will be right for her.

Left click and drag the cursor down to reveal the 3 lines I wrote for her.


Dear Johann,


The cat sat on the mat.


Goo goo goo goo

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