Sunday, 9 March 2014

Andy Murray ‘Used’ by No!


If the MSM can use a story negatively then that is how it will be used.  The Telegraph takes a non-story about Andy Murray and twists it into a blow for independence. 

Telegraph Andy Murray 1

The article continues,

Telegraph Andy Murray 2

Publically, Murray will neither support independence nor the status quo because he ‘does not want a repeat of the furore that followed his comments about the England football team.’  This is a perfectly reasonable line to take.  Why should he state his political opinions?  He’s a tennis player.


The article could have been as written as a blow to the ‘No’ campaign because he won’t endorse the union.  But that isn’t allowed. 

Only negativity meets the establishment needs!

Only increasing negativity!

All the union has to offer is negativity!

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