Friday, 14 March 2014

Cameron: No Certainty on More Devolution


Telegraph 20140314 2

The headline above from the Telegraph is certain but Cameron’s words do NOT give this certainty. [The full text of Cameron’s speech is here: I have reformatted a small section and highlighted 6 words]

20140314 A

There is NO unequivocal commitment. 

I believe it too.

that can mean more devolution


Even his belief is ambiguous. 

One could read his words as meaning that the Scottish Parliament will have more power in how its money is spent but he doesn’t say this.  Neither does he say that the SP will have more money to spend.

His belief is only that the SP should have more power to raise the money it spends.  No more.  There are many potential twists in these few words.


Be very aware!

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