Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cybernats? Have His Genitals Cut Off


The Telegraph  - surprise, surprise – carries a story by Ben Riley-Smith – surprise, surprise -  in which Cybernats are accused of intimidating journalists.  This accusation comes in the wake of the Andrew Marr – Alex Salmond TV interview last Sunday.



What have so-called cybernats said?  Have they called for Marr to have his genitals cut off?


The only two comments picked up by Riley-Smith are,


The only two accusations in the entire article and they make the headline!  Is that it!

self-important little weasel

racist wee shite

This is vitriolic online abuse?


But what about the genitals?   Oh that!

On Sunday afternoon the Telegraph carried an article about the Marr/Salmond spat.  I had a quick look through some of the 1500 or so comments and found



These are run-of-the-mill comments for online fora but are worthy of at least as much condemnation as those aimed at Marr.

But, according to unionists politicians and most of the MSM only one side abuses, only one side goes too far.  It’s the infamous Cybernats.

But that’s not true. 

Ben, why did you not look close to home?  You’d have found abuse of Salmond in your newspaper.  It doesn’t fit the picture you’re trying to create that abuse come only from supporters of independence.  Is that it, Ben?  You’re a teller of tales rather than of the truth!


The genitals?

I haven’t forgotten.

Again buried within that article from which the two previous clips were taken was this cracker and it refers not to Marr but to Salmond,




Now that is abuse!

Ben, are you going to report this now that I’ve brought it to your attention?


Didn’t think so.


You don’t walk both sides of the road!  But, at least, you’ll have plenty media company on the dark side of the street.

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