Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Guardian and Severin Carrell: Lies and Deceit



Above is the headline and strap from today’s Guardian.

That the quote, ‘has exaggerated Scotland’s oil revenues’, is immediately above mention of the Institute of Fiscal Studies naturally leads one to think that the quote is from the IFS and therefore has some credibility.

Wrong!  Deceit!

The quote is from Severin Carrell, the Guardian’s Scotland correspondent and known unionist, who wrote this article and, at the risk of damaging my credibility, a journalist whose credibility is close to zero among those who are open-minded. 

Look at Carrell’s first paragraph.


The IFS report does not use ‘exaggerate’ or any possible synonym.

The IFS report has not ‘warned that Scottish government predictions are ‘too optimistic’.

In the headline strap, note the clever, but rather obvious, use of quotation marks around ‘too optimistic’.  The IFS use these two words but not in the definite way the Guardian suggests.


The IFS report looks at the UK government’s OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) forecasts and the possible impact on Scotland.  From memory, the OBR estimates of oil reserves and revenues are at the low end of the range of estimates from different bodies.  What the IFS report says about ‘too optimistic is,

It is worth noting in this context that it looks like the Scottish government’s forecasts for revenues under these scenarios have been too optimistic in 2012–13 and, with the vast majority of payments already having been made for 2013–14, that their forecasts for this year also look to be too optimistic.

and the next sentence

It remains to be seen whose forecasts might be more accurate going forwards.


Nothing definite, no warning, no exaggeration, not ‘are too optimistic’.  We may agree or not with the IFS report: that is for another day and another discussion.


What is unacceptable, but unfortunately all too common, is the MSM’s practice of deceit and lies.


Here the Guardian shows its deceit and lies.

Here Severin Carrell shows his deceit and lies.


Nothing will change but will only get worse until we are independent.

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