Saturday, 8 March 2014

Music in the Morning No. 304 – Shovels & Rope

No, I’m not asking you to do anything which might be illegal.  Simply listen to this husband and wife combo of whom I was blissfully unaware until 2 days ago.

Now I am blissfully aware of them and their music.

Boxcar                                                                                             Shovels & Rope

And now you are too!


  1. excellent find!
    ....and live music beats recorded music any day :)

  2. Thanks, JD.

    There is so much amazing music around YouTube but finding it is the problem. Sometimes I mine a rich seam and other times I'm panning for days.

    Wherever I can I'll use live music even if the quality isn't as good as recorded.

    Monday's music is live too!

    Think I'm in a rich seam.