Monday, 10 March 2014

Music in the Morning No. 306 – Punch Brothers


A few weeks ago I met a mandolin player, Lamont Goff, he and his wife were visiting friends in Edinburgh, and with others he played bluegrass for our church group. Knowing that I loved bluegrass, Lamont recommended I listen to some Chris Thile because he was a phenomenal mandolin player.  Since then I’ve been searching and listening to many Chris Thile videos, some solo, some with his current band, Punch Brothers, and others with a series of excellent musicians. 

Despite Thile’s brilliance and his extraordinary range of musical taste - I have seem him called a ‘genre-bender’ – I could never find a piece which ‘did’ it for me.  He missed me.  I could see, hear and appreciate his outrageous talents but I was left empty.  It was almost as though his brilliance took him into places which detracted from the listening experience ….

…. until now.

I found a short video, an extract from the documentary covering two years in his band’s life, and there it was.  Just two ‘simple’ sing-alongs and he got me. 

99 Years / Train 45                                                      Punch Brothers

mandolin ----------
banjo -------------
fiddle -------------
guitar ------------
double bass ------

Chris Thile
Noam Pikelny
Gabe Witcher
Chris Eldridge
Paul Kowert

Well, there you have Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers.

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