Monday, 10 March 2014

Sir Ming and Uncertainty


The ‘Yes’ campaign has been battered about the lack of certainty in its proposals.  We’re told to reject independence because of the lack of certainty although much off that uncertainty arises not from the ‘Yes’ campaign but from the UK government.  With Ming Campbell’s new report on the devolving of more powers we see more  uncertainty at work.

From today’s Scotsman online



Let me get this right. The report states that within 30 days of a ‘No’ vote a cross- party summit will be staged to secure a consensus’ but the first paragraph states that a consensus has been reached already.

Well, is there consensus or not?  No!  Uncertainty only!


It’s possible, of course, that Ming was clear and certain and the Scotsman has introduced uncertainty and, so, let’s go to Ming’s report (available here). 

And it’s there in the report that the consensus summit will take place within 30 days of a ‘No’ vote.  Even after that summit the UK Parliament would have to vote through the changes.  There is  no consensus.

The word ’consensus’ appears 18 times within Campbell’s report and it is painfully clear that there is no consensus which is worth more than the square root of SFA.  


Consensus?  It’s a sick Joke!  It’s another lie!


Unionists have had almost 3 years to forge true consensus and produce an unambiguous programme about which Scots could have certainty.  But certainty is not their aim.  They’re not interested in consensus or certainty.  It’s the very opposite.  Create fear, create uncertainty and start splitting the ‘Yes’ vote.  They’re all coming out of the closet now when it’s far too late to move the process forward but it’s a good time to throw another spanner in the works.

Sir Alec Douglas Home would have been proud of this.  Reject  the uncertainty of ‘Yes’ but embrace the uncertainty of ‘No’.


The only certainty.  We’re on our own and only a ‘Yes’ vote secures our future.

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