Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Union Is All


Referring to Campbell’s and Brown’s contribution to the independence debate yesterday I said,

Unionists have had almost 3 years to forge true consensus and produce an unambiguous programme about which Scots could have certainty.  But certainty is not their aim.  They’re not interested in consensus or certainty.  It’s the very opposite.  Create fear, create uncertainty and start splitting the ‘Yes’ vote.  They’re all coming out of the closet now when it’s far too late to move the process forward but it’s a good time to throw another spanner in the works.

Sir Alec Douglas Home would have been proud of this.  Reject  the uncertainty of ‘Yes’ but embrace the uncertainty of ‘No’.

Preserving the union is ALL that matters to those such as Campbell and Brown.  Whatever it takes, they’ll say.  But they won’t do anything positive.

With one aim only they’ll say

With one aim only they’ll talk

With one aim only they’ll delay

With one aim only they’ll lie

With one aim only they’ll create a sense of false certainty

With one aim only they’ll create uncertainty


The union is ALL

The union which has created all the problems is the only way to solve all the problems.



The union is ALL

Wanting an independent Scotland is bad nationalism but desperation to maintain the Union isn’t even good nationalism, it’s not nationalism at all.



The union is ALL  …………  only if we let it be.

Vote Yes!

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