Sunday, 16 March 2014

Three Reasons for Independence


There are many reasons for independence but in another pro-union article in the Telegraph – are there any which are not so? - Vice Admiral John McAnally, a former Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies, unwittingly reveals three reasons why we must vote ‘Yes’.

Referring to Philip Hammond’s speech to the Scottish Tory conference yesterday he has this to say,

Telegraph 20140316 a

And there was me thinking that Hammond was way OTT!

But there, in his final paragraph, the Vice Admiral gives 3 reasons for voting ‘Yes’ although, of course, he sees them as being pro-union.

Our relationship with the United States,

our status as a leading military power and even

our permanent membership of the UN Security Council

would all probably be lost.


We will be safer!

Vote Yes!


  1. The Vice-Admiral, like so many Top Toffy Tories, does indeed have a tendency to disuade while trying to persuade. Three good reasons for me to look towards the Yes side of the fence then good sir, although Alex's "persuasion" also turns me the other way from where he wants me to go. Interesting... both sides have the opposite efect on me from what they would wish. So I teeter on this fence getting a pain in the arse from the whole long drawn out experience. Where will I fall? Or will I? The nation awaits...

  2. ... and I got so confused I missed out an f'ing f too, I see.

  3. You alliterate, if there is such a verb, but more importantly you missed an 's' too!

    Think you should read the blogs on my 'Good Read' list but stop doing so if, because of reading them, you feel yourself slipping towards 'No'.