Friday, 18 April 2014

Archer Should Bow Out


I’ve read so many trashy anti-independence articles but I’ve just come across one which is off the scale.  Graeme Archer writes, I exaggerate his skills, in tonight’s online Telegraph here.

In the article, Archer describes himself as a commentator and in his profile as a professional statistician.  Stick to statistics, Graeme.  Any commentator who claims as you do that,

Telegraph3A 20140418

is either ignorant or deliberately telling lies. 

Which is it, Graeme?   Do tell us but not in another article: that would be too much.

You use “nationalist” pejoratively.  That’s standard practice for those who favour the retention of the union but you’re a nationalist too, just for a different country.  Your nation is the UK.  From your ‘writing’ you feel as strongly about your nation as Alex Salmond, and I use him only because you do, does for his.

I have no problem with your being a UK nationalist but I do have a problem that you don’t accept that you are a nationalist.  It’s strange that, isn’t it Graeme, that those who favour the union don’t see themselves as nationalists.

You’re such a strong UK nationalist that you fear independence because,

Telegraph1A 20140418

You really are a poor wee soul, Graeme. 

You’re a nationalist and won’t admit it.

You are either ignorant or you lie.

You are a commentator who can’t commentate.

Stick to the statistics, Graeme.  I’m sure you’re better off there.  Statistics don’t understand nationality either.


  1. I can see a way of coming to this conclusion provided fallacious reasoning is acceptable.

    Faulty reasoning is illogical thinking that depends on fallacies such as false cause and hasty generalization. The reasoning is usually based on either untrue or misunderstood ideas.

    English conservatives who are mad with the Tories vote for UKIP.
    Scotland got mad with the Tories and now votes for SNP.
    Therefore, UKIP and SNP must be the same.

    Remember, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." so it is not surprising that a statistician would come up with this. I would like to know who he does statistics for as it would affect my assessment of any work he produces.

    I cannot believe he actually listened to the two party leaders mentioned, or looked at the party manifestos as this would immediately rid him of this utterly insane delusion.

  2. Yes!

    Another possibility,similar to yours, is

    UKIP threaten Archer's UK by leaving Europe
    SNP threaten Archer's UK by leaving UK

    ==> UKIP and SNP must be the same

    Archer works for Glaxo Smith Kline and apparently he has a PhD in statistical inference. He may be able to infer statistically but he certainly cannot infer logically.

  3. In Stirling today, I encountered a YES campaign tent accompanied by a big white fluffy dancing bunny. It occurred to me that Alex himself may have been inside the bunny suit. The dancing was good but I did not find the bunny to be very persuasive. The campaign continues, but still without sufficient clarity for me to know what I would be voting Yes or No to. I think I'll leave it up to the rest of you who seem able to form opinions much more readily than I can. I await to see what the NO camp can do to combat the big dancing bunny.

  4. After independence, Andrew,

    Not only a land of milk and honey
    Also the big white fluffy dancing bunny
    You'll never really know. Take a chance
    You'll find your bunny. You'll love to dance