Thursday, 24 April 2014

Iain Martin: Lost the Plot?


Iain Martin, of the Telegraph, is one of my favourite commentators on Scottish independence, not because I think his analysis is correct but rather because, alongside his stablemate Alan Cochrane, he is guaranteed to raise an unintended smile. 

His latest attempt is brilliant!  Not a smile but a guffaw!  He makes claims so outrageous that I fear for his sanity!

Let’s start with,

Telegraph1A 20140424

On its own this is bad enough but he continues,

Telegraph4 20140424

and then,

Telegraph5A 20140424


Despite my ROFLMAO, I find it hard to believe that Martin actually believes this crap. 


Are you ill, Ian?  No sane person could actually believe this.  Surely?

Are you desperate?

Take a couple of days months off.


Rather than being a concern, that you write in such a way is a boost.  You confirm what we can all see and feel.  You know that ‘Yes’ is on the march to a likely win and you are desperate and you have nowhere to go but smear, smear and more smear.  Yet you have the gall to say of the other side,

they scream “bluster” and  “smear” 

but you describe yourself perfectly.

Thanks, Iain. 


  1. Tis true. He doesn't seem to realise that if independence was attained the SNP may not even end up as the government, as any party or colition may win our next election. Well, unless Alex bans elections of course, but then he'd be strung up by his... well enough said... anyway... there is a very poor understanding of these thing south of the border. Gordon Brown may even become our first prime minister after independence... Oh Alex what may you have done?

  2. No! Many things are possible but not GB. We are more likely to have a white fluffy dancing rabbit as our first prime minister.

  3. I would LOVE to have the white fluffy dancing rabbit. That really might persuade me. Currently having my ear bent by a rampant "No" house guest, having earlier been subjected to a similar tirade from a rampant "Yes" colleague. As I may have said before, it's a struggle having the fate of a nation in my uncertain hands.

  4. Ah, well. I don't have that problem. No one ever visits me!