Thursday, 17 April 2014

‘I’ve Never Understood’: Ruth Davidson


I’ve never understood’  [Ruth Davidson, Good Morning Scotland, 16/4/14: from 01:08:34 in]

Thanks, Ruth!  How refreshing to hear an honest politician!  I know it’s hard to believe, especially so of a Tory, but it’s true.  Perhaps soon we’ll see honesty become a political virtue but I won’t hold my breath.

Ruth was talking about the disparity in school performance  - getting 3As or more at Highers - between pupils from homes in the top and bottom income bands.  In Edinburgh, for example, the poorest 20% were 20 times less likely to achieve 3As than the richest 20%; in Dundee 10 times and in Glasgow 5 times.  With no evidence she blame comprehensive education suggesting that we should be open to initiatives from outside Scotland including these practised by the UK’s Tory government.

I wonder who or what she blames for the difference in life expectancy, health, unemployment?


But what had Ruth never understood?

I've never understood why local authorities are in charge of schools.  I've never understood that the body that takes out our bins – councils – are in charge of teaching our children.

Let me explain, Ruth. 

It’s not the same people. The binmen don’t teach and the teachers don’t empty bins.  Different departments have authority for bins and teaching.  It’s a bit like the UK government although our local authorities, despite lapses, have more compassion.  You know that nutter, Michael Gove?  Well, he’s responsible for the education in England and a fine mess he’s making of it too. But it’s a different nutter who’s in charge of the Department of Work and Pensions and a massive mess been made there too.  See, Ruth.  Same government but different nutters.  It’s yet another different nutter from the same government who’s in charge of health in England.

Have you got it?  Do you understand? 

You do! 

Another day I might explain poverty.  I guess you’ve never understood that either.

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