Monday, 7 April 2014

Let’s Help Cameron


A sillier post than normal but it’s my blog and I can write what I want.


I know this sounds counter-intuitive but we really should help David Cameron achieve one of his main goals.

I fell into ConservativeHome and an article by Peter Franklin with this headline,

ConservativeHome 1

and I had to read on.  It’s a ‘nothing’ article but, when writing about the effect of a Yes vote on the Tories,  Franklin’s words were,

It’s not forty seats we’d be losing in the event of a YES vote, but our country ….

I’ll let ‘our country’ pass but this is where I realised we could help Cameron.


Cameron, and Tories , constantly harp about the bloated state, the small state and the need to reduce the size of the state.  Och, I know that you know where I’m going with this and so I’ll leave you with,


Vote Yes and give Cameron his smaller state.


Told you it was silly.


  1. My ballot may be "Spoiled" by an artistic image of me, sitting on a fence and saying "I don't believe anyone. I don't know. I'll let the rest of you decide.

  2. That is entirely your prerogative: to vote or not to vote, to spoil or not to spoil.

    Are you a procrastinator? :)