Sunday, 6 April 2014

Music in the Morning No. 323 – Praise the Lord


Teresa of Ávila and the Taizé Community are the sources of our praise this morning.  A few verses of one of Teresa’s prayers was turned in to a beautiful chant.


Nada te Turbe                                                                  Taize Community



  1. love it
    love it

  2. Nada te turbe,
    nada te espante,
    todo se pasa;
    Dios no se muda.
    La paciencia
    todo lo alcanza;
    Quien a Dios tiene,
    nada le falta;
    Solo Dios basta.
    Santa Teresa de Ávila (1515-1582)

    An English translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)
    Let nothing disturb thee,
    Nothing affright thee;
    All things are passing;
    God never changeth;
    Patient endurance
    Attaineth to all things;
    Who God possesseth
    In nothing is wanting;
    Alone God sufficeth.