Thursday, 24 April 2014

Music in the Morning No. 341 – Monteverdi


Let your ears receive this offering and let your heart be touched.

The video’s description says,

Lamento della ninfa is the 18th piece from Monteverdi's eighth book of madrigals (Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi, 1638). The three male voices narrate the story and offer empathy to the nymph while she is lamenting over her abandonment. This movement of the madrigal is a beautiful example for Phrygian progression with the ostinato of its bass line in four descending notes all the way through. The inner turmoil and sorrow of the nymph is mirrored in the music by the melodic and harmonic dissonances.

I don’t understand much of that but I understand what is important: the music reaches my soul.

Lamento della Ninfa                                                      Claudio Monteverdi


Thanks, Claudio!

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