Friday, 11 April 2014

Salmond or Robertson: Telegraph Confused


It should be difficult for Alex Salmond and George Robertson (Lord, or is it Lard?) but this afternoon the Telegraph has achieved the impossible.


But is this incompetence or a deliberate act?


Their Scottish News page has this incompatible headline and strap,

Telegraph1 20140411

The headline clearly refers to George Robertson’s manic talk of earlier this week but the strap is to the SNP conference. 

Clicking on the link on the page takes us to this,

Telegraph2 20140411


A mistake?

Deliberate?   But why?


Will put down to sheer incompetence because that fits with the rest of the No campaign.

Just as I was finishing this I decided to check back and the mistake has been corrected.


Therefore, I was right.


Incompetence rules!

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