Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Scary Stuff re Banking Job Losses ….


The Telegraph has just published another ‘you’re doomed’ independence piece – here. [See here and here for the first]

Telegraph5 20140429

Telegraph6 20140429

According to the Telegraph, Professor Douglas McWilliams will deliver the Gresham Professorial lecture tomorrow (Wednesday) and, if the Telegraph quotes are correct, we are in for a lecture!

"Like Ireland in the 1960s there might well eventually be an economic revival when policy makers, having tried everything else, start to apply common sense.

It took the Irish 40 years to achieve this post independence. By the time [Scottish citizens] see the light they might have lost as much as 10pc in growth and living standards from the slower growth compared with the situation had they stayed in the union."


…. but this and all his predictions are based upon there being no fiscal, monetary or banking union’.

So once more we see a very definite headline and article being conditional.

Will they never learn?


But there’s a wee bit more.  If you turned up to listen to Professor Williams’ lecture you would be very surprised to hear him talk about independence.  Why?  The original title and overview of his lecture are,



Wonder why it was changed?


All hands to the union pump?


  1. There almost certainly would be monetary union, although perhaps with the Euro than with rUK Sterling. I'd prefer the Euro actually, but then I am mad. I still expect a "No" vote too.

  2. And quite comfortable in my madness these days too. I have decided to embrace it rather than fight it, or rather, just to redefine my definition of sane.

    I think I may vote Yes and campaign to join the Euro (or maybe to join Russia), or maybe I'll set up the Do-Lally party and use my powers of persuasion to rule the world myself.

    "Vote Do-Lally. You know it makes no sense." Ah, I can see all the window stickers now.