Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Takes All Sizes


Last night I was reading Derek Bateman’s blog and was taken by one of the many comments.  A pro-Union commenter was ridiculed - not by Derek – for, among other things, the very few comments made on his own blog, ‘the last of his posts attracted a whopping 5 comments.

Ridicule?  Most of my posts receive ZERO comments.  Perhaps I’m open to ridicule over this too! 

Perhaps.  But it takes all sizes. 


Should we ridicule the corner shop because they’re not a supermarket?

Should we ridicule the sole trader because he’s not a multi-national?


We don’t have to agree with, nor even respect, the message but all contribute to the debate in larger or smaller ways and each is due respect for the role they play. 


  1. Do things for yourself and others may find they wish to follow, I'd say, and if they don't well at least you have done things for yourself.

    Oh... sorry if by commenting I have weakened the point you were making :)

    (PS - word verification is a nightmare these days, taking me several attempts to decipher usually, maybe because I use a laptop rather than a big screen machine, but I will persist.)

  2. I find that too but I keep changing until I get one which looks easy.

  3. I don't use it on my place. I don't get much spam and most of what I do get just gets automatically blocked.