Thursday, 3 April 2014

View from London: Nothing Changes


Once again I pick up on the Telegraph which reflects the blindness of London-based journalists.  More importantly the article, inadvertently, shows why we need our independence. [see here for yesterday’s post]

Let’s look at the blindness -  or is it arrogance? -  first.  The headline to Benedict Brogan’s piece is,

Telegraph 1 20140403

I have no problem with those who wish to save the Union but our betters see that Scotland must be saved.  They are so considerate!  Or is it arrogance?


But they’re not finished.  Referring to the No camp’s recent confusion, Brogan writes,

Telegraph 4A 20140403

Well, of course Benedict, you’re more than 300 miles away from the Scottish border.  You’ll get a good view of the Scottish political landscape from there!


But we start to see our position in the union with

Telegraph 3A 20140403

Scotland, we’ll sort that out later!


But it’s Brogan’s last sentence which demonstrates why we must get our freedom from Westminster rule.

Telegraph 2A 20140403

Scotland is a sideshow, and always has been, to London’s political establishment except when we are seen as a threat and we know what happens then.

Mid 70’s – hide the McCrone report

1979     – 40% rule

Always  – too wee, too poor, too stupid

We are a threat now, hence fear and dambusters, but still we’re on the periphery.  We need to be prepared for the time the establishment has its focus on us because we will be subject to “a sustained, serious effort” and Project Fear will become extremely heavy-duty.  There will be no ‘love-bombing’.   Just fear bomb after fear bomb.

We will be in their focus for only as long as it takes, in their view, to save the union and Scotland.


But the power is in our hands now.  We must use it.

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