Monday, 26 May 2014

And We Are Still Different


No doubt the gloaters will be out in force.

No doubt unionists will diminish Scotland  …. again

No doubt ‘separatists’ will be put back in their box


And we are still different

Ukip 10.4% in Scotland but 28% in England

Ukip 4th in Scotland but 1st in England

… very different


Some have said that they are ashamed that Scotland has voted in a Ukip member. I’m not ashamed.  This was the will of enough electors.  I respect this although I wish that it were not so.


The new Ukip member will be David Coburn.  He said this,

I'd like to see both Scotland and England leaving the EU together and running our own affairs.

I'd like to see less Westminster and less Holyrood in everybody's lives. I think that would be a good thing for Scotland.

I want to get the weight of the socialist Scottish state off the back of the Scottish entrepreneur. And, most of all, I want to see every child in Scotland get a thoroughly good education.


We know what this means, don’t we, in a general election even if the Ukip vote drops back. 

More of the neoliberal policies already causing havoc to the welfare state here, and to health and schools in England.

More of the neoliberal policies we haven’t voted for.


The Ukip manifesto for the 2011 Scottish elections said this,

Encourage Health Boards to put key NHS services such as hospital management, long-term care and GPs’ surgeries out to competitive tender.

Give schools and colleges independent control of teaching, exams and discipline, and the right to select on merit, not on postcode.


The only way forward is for the Scottish electorate to vote Yes in September to get the government and policies we vote for.

And if, at some point, we vote a Tory or Ukip-type party then, at least, we will still get the government and policies we voted for. 


Vote Yes!

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