Sunday, 25 May 2014

Are voters being duped about the risks of leaving the UK?


Ben Riley-Smith asks this question in his latest article in the Telegraph.  He asks about the effectiveness of the Scottish Parliament’s scrutinising committees and directly of its European Committee.  The claim is that the committee, with an SNP majority, is adding to a report sections which strengthen the case for an independent Scotland being accepted easily in the EU.  Riley-Smith asks a valid question.

There is no doubt voters are being duped but in a very different and much bigger way and it is this which sticks in the craw. Riley-Smith, and almost the entire MSM, accepts without question the utterings of the UK government, union-supporting politicians and organisations, and the UK’s Scottish Affairs Committee chaired by the virulently anti-independence Ian Davidson.

Every day Wings over Scotland debunks lies and distortion coming from supporters of the Union.  For example, read here for the latest post which takes apart the lies in a Better Together booklet inserted in national newspapers.  You could choose virtually any post there and find similar lies being debunked.

And every day brings more of the same.

Where is Ben Riley-Smith when these issues are raised?  Normally he’s not around but when he gives us the benefit of his insight he parrots unquestioningly the union line.

Ben, I guess, is pleased to be exposing, as he claims, the actions of the Scottish Parliament but he should be ashamed.  He writes with wilful blindness.


All we ask is for balance but this word has been excised from the union lexicon.

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