Friday, 2 May 2014

Don Reboots Rev


Many have laughed at the new and so-called grassroots campaign, ‘Vote No Borders’ – see WoS here and VNB here but beware there may be a much more sinister intent.  This is a hidden attack on ‘WingsoverScotland and the Rev Stuart Campbell. 

Really?   Yes.  Hidden but true!

The Rev is to be rebooted.  We’ll hear that the Rev has switched sides.  He’s seen the light.  Watch out for the first signs.


How do I know this?  Hidden with the name ‘VoteNoBorders’ is ‘Don Reboots Rev’.

You’re making this up? 

Well, I am but it is no sillier than VNB styling themselves as a grassroots campaign. 


  1. Aha! That'll be why the other hidden message is "No Bored Voters" :D

  2. You've lost me there. No idea what you are on about.

  3. You are slow tonight, Andrew. I had expected your massive intellect to have found your way trough this.


    Votenoborders = Don Reboots Rev = No bored voters