Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Music in the Morning No. 360 – Erik Satie


Not of New Age but Erik Satie’s piece has the same feel: beautiful, soothing but ultimately ‘go nowhere’ music.  I love the apparent simplicity but Satie doesn’t move me as does most music here.  It’s as though the music and I walk slowly with nowhere to go but around and around.  Within this there isn’t boredom, as one might imagine, but beauty and then surprise as dissonance appears and just as quickly disappears. 

Enough of my (probably ridiculous) comments!

Gymnopédie No.1                                                                  Erik Satie


Thank you, Erik


  1. Good to hear that classic beauty again.

    (And I enjoyed the Advert below it: "Tips to avoid running out of money in retirement", which began with, "If you have a £250,000 portfolio..." Well... getting a £250,000 portfolio in the first place would help one not run out of money in retirement; but then I retired in 1981 (according to my father) and am still just about managing... See where adverts lead my thoughts? Bloody adverts... but the music was nice.)

  2. Are you not using Adblock? I never see any ads.

  3. Nope. They don't bother me (although you may not be too pleased about some of the things you are advertising, indirectly). Trying to decipher what the F... the unreadable letters being offered below to get this comment accepted is annoying me though... I wonder how many tries this time...)

  4. They don't bother me too much, perhaps would have been more accurate, having previously referred to them as "Bloody adverts". I may have to give up commenting on bloody anti-robot equipped sites though. I've not had that software on my site for ages and hardly any spam gets through (and showing my lady the occasional inducement for me to buy a young Thai bride keeps her on her toes, I'm sure... always assuming she was joking when she offered to fund the purchase for me)

  5. So, so easy to read. But not to play....

    The ads I see are always about Lumosity, to keep my brain working. I wonder if the know I'm losing it slowly....