Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Old Cockers is a Laugh


Those not close to the independence debate may wonder to whom I refer. 

‘Cockers’ is Alan Cochrane, Scottish Editor’ of the Tory-supporting and union-supporting Daily Telegraph.  Often I wonder for whom he writes.  My conclusion: he’s click-bait material only. 

Be so outrageously biased!  Be so ridiculous! 

This is a man that ……  He is a man, I think.  Best leave it there.

I bet he chortled as he wrote the first sentence of his latest work of fiction.  He knew he’d get a response and I have risen …. but I don’t mind because he has written an absolute belter.



those of us seekers after truth


Cockers must have found this phrase somewhere; certainly isn’t descriptive of his work.


You have to laugh sometimes.


Thanks, Cockers!

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