Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pot Iain Martin


In an unsurprising piece today, Iain Martin writes negatively again.

Telegraph1 20140514

All those who support independence are labelled pejoratively ‘nationalists’ or worse according to the headline,’Alex Salmond’s Scottish nationalists’ 

Sad Iain chooses not to mention that those who favour the union are British or UK nationalists; chooses not to mention that many who support independence are not SNP supporters.  But then he must use every opportunity to twist the truth to favour his side.

This isn’t even my main point.

Martin writes of David Cameron’s two visit,

But how are the Nationalists greeting his arrival? Sadly it's with the usual acidic sniping and relentless negativity.


But how does Martin write of Alex Salmond just two paragraphs later?  ‘Sadly it’s with the usual acidic sniping and relentless negativity’!

Telegraph2A 20140515


Iain, do you want to know the worst aspects of your ‘usual acidic sniping and relentless negativity’?   You know exactly what you are doing; you don’t care about twisting stories to suit your and the Establishment agenda; and you revel in so doing.


Sad pot, Iain.

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