Monday, 19 May 2014

Torrance Treble: Politically Dishonest


The unionist MSM, and that is virtually all of the media available within Scotland, contorts itself daily to present fiction as fact and fact as fiction.  David Torrance, in today’s Herald, does the practice proud, with his, ‘Nationalists determined to rewrite inconvenient history’. 

Former BBC man and independence supporter Derek Bateman does an excellent job in dismantling Torrance’s case.  I want to focus on just one part of the article: Alec Douglas Home’s intervention in the 1979 referendum.

In 1979 a simple majority of votes was not sufficient for devolution to be set up.  At least, 40% of the electorate had to vote ‘Yes’.  ‘Yes’ won a very small majority of votes cast but did not meet the 40% threshold and, therefore, devolution was not enacted.

Lord Home of the Hirsel, a former Tory Prime Minister, had a major impact.  In a broadcast he said that if we, the people of Scotland, voted ‘No’ the next Conservative government would bring forward a better devolution Act.  This was in 1979 [see Wikipedia, Dennis Canavan].  Two months after the referendum, Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister at the start of 18 years of Tory rule.

There was no better devolution Act.


Torrance Treble

David Torrance writes,

but although it is certainly the case that Mrs Thatcher, Lord Home et al were politically dishonest 35 years ago [The emphasis is mine]

Three incredible points arise from this.


Firstly, they weren’t ‘politically dishonest’, they lied to the Scottish people to achieve their goal of a ‘No’ vote.  Plain and simple.  Lied

Why not say that, David?  Does it sound better?  Do you feel better using the euphemism?  It’s as though you accept that lying is acceptable when done for political purposes.  It’s not!  Lying is lying is deceit.

In fact it’s worse than this,  Your view is one-sided: lying is acceptable when done only for political purposes which you support. 


The double comes up when Torrance accuses voters in 1979.  We should have known that Lord Home was lying!  He says,

anyone who'd been paying attention to Tory policy since 1975 would have known full well what its view of devolution was. The 1979 Conservative manifesto, meanwhile, committed it only to "discussions about the future government of Scotland"

Oh well, more fool us, David!  We should have seen through his promise of a better Act following a ‘No’ vote.  The good Lord Home, educated at Eton, was a bare-faced liar and we should have known.  


Torrance completes a tremendous treble when he criticises us for not believing the pro-union parties now when they say that more powers will be devolved after a ‘No’ vote.

although it is certainly the case that Mrs Thatcher, Lord Home et al were politically dishonest 35 years ago, it does not follow the same is true in 2014. [Emphasis is mine]


There have been too many lies to risk trusting again!  Plain lies, simple lies, big lies, wee lies, bare-faced lies, ridiculous lies, lies about lies. 

We don’t believe you, David. 

We don’t believe unionist promises.

Trust has gone until we vote ‘Yes’.

Treble and out!

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