Sunday, 25 May 2014

Truth Has a Way of Being Heard


My second post about the Telegraph today – first here.

An editorial in the Telegraph finishes with,

Telegraph1A 20140525

but we don’t, and won’t, find that truth in the Telegraph.

For the Telegraph, and most of the MSM, truth is the unionist case. No more, no less.  Whatever is said must be true and must be relayed to their readers.

The headline to the editorial?

Telegraph2 20150525

The editorial says this,

…. the Treasury will put an approximate figure on the cost of constructing a bespoke Scottish version of government functions that are currently shared, such as tax collection, benefits and so on. This is estimated at 1 per cent of GDP, or approximately £1.5 billion

This claim has already been debunked here. The editorial continues

Stir in the expense of the SNP’s many campaign promises, of maintaining Scotland’s pension system, of paying the interest on its debts, and of filling the gaps in military capacity left by the dismemberment of the Armed Forces, and it is crystal clear that taxpayers in an independent Scotland would be forced to reach deep into their pockets.

How often do distortions have to be debunked before they are left in the bin where they belong? 

They will NOT be put in the bin because fear trumps truth.

Fear, more fear, yet more fear, fear without end

This is what we have faced and will continue to face until we vote ‘Yes’.


Finally, if distortion wasn’t enough, the Telegraph, with the phrase below, shows its utter disdain for the people of Scotland and for the legitimate cause of Scottish independence.

a high price to pay to hire a host of tartan-clad bureaucrats in mimicry of London.

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