Saturday, 10 May 2014

VoteNoBorders = No Change


We know that VoteNoBorders is set up for a No vote and no change in Scotland’s constitutional status.

We know too that VNB has been thoroughly debunked as a grassroots organisation.

Despite media exposure way beyond their size and effectiveness, there is no change in two key areas of their site.

Firstly readers were invited to

VNB HYS Heading

This is how the page looked on the 3rd May,

VNB HYS Captioned 20140503

and today, 10th May,

VNB HYS Captioned 20140510

No change!

This grassroots campaign has really taken off.

Then we had this, also on the 3rd May.

VNB HYV Captioned 20140503

and on the 10th,

VNB HYV Captioned 20140510

Again, there is no change.

Grassroots!  Huh!


No change at VoteNoBorders! 


They’re getting what they want.  Long may it continue.

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