Saturday, 31 May 2014

Writing Drift


I am writing less.

In no way has my position changed: I am a Yes, an absolutely definite 100% committed Yes but ….

…. I am less driven to post about the dangerously compromised MSM.  Their distortions continue unchanged.  I have changed though.

Last Monday I wrote about ‘Ukip and a Lesson in Christian Faithin which I realised that I was putting newspapers, independence and my blog before God.  In tackling this I now find that I am less inclined to write about independence but more likely to be reading, thinking, praying or worshipping.  Therefore, bad for my blog but good for me.

God is much more important and takes precedence.  This may seem so obvious for a Christian but life has a way of intruding in front of God.

I’ve come to this after listening to a sermon and worshipping.  After this I realised that my writing had decreased significantly.  Music continued but writing about anything other than faith was difficult.

I’m not unhappy with this: I’m delighted.


  1. Spiritual truths 'are' far more important the politics.

    That realisation is not bad for your blog. If you continue to post words they will have a different focus. A good focus...

    Music helps us to get into that 'place' :-)

  2. I totally agree with both of you.

    As soon as we put God at the center of any idea, the tone of the discussion changes. It becomes important for a very different reason. We seek only the glory of God and the well being of His creation.

    Whether one wins or not, we know that God will continue caring for all the people involved.

    Thank you for the music.