Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cameron: White Supremacist?


Very unfortunate juxtapositioning of the story of a tragedy and a photo of David and Samantha Cameron might lead one to suppose that the No. 10 couple are white supremacists.

If any feel I am trivialising a tragedy then please accept my apologies.  That is NOT my intent.  My heart goes out to the families of those killed.

This is a screenshot from the Independent.

Indie1 20140610


You may think, of course, that I have created this.  Not a bit of it.

Go here - https://archive.today/SRuVj -  and look at the 7th story on the left.  The pic below shows the positioning on the page.  [Note: don’t magnify pic below: you can’t read any words]

Indie2A 20140610

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