Thursday, 12 June 2014

Music in the Morning No. 390 – Mark Orton


This happens so often now!  A new artist pops up on my screen with music which demands its place at the head of the queue for this slot.

Today it’s Mark Orton and ‘Night of the Skeptic’ from Orton-composed score of the film ‘Nebraska’.

The opening accordion sounds so atmospheric, so Parisian, before a guitar, then violin, and then piano break in.  Eventually with the violin dominant the accordion takes more of a back seat yet brings back its sadness.  Towards the end the discordant piano increases the piece’s darkness.

Enough!   Sit back and let Tin Hat work their magic on you!


Night of the Skeptic                                                  Mark Orton and Tin Hat


Oh!  I could listen to this over and over and over.  I just have.

See you tomorrow

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