Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Music in theMorning No. 389 – Donald Byrd


A wee bit (7 min) of jazz brings you into Wednesday morning.   Donald Byrd and his band play ‘Flute Blues’.


Flute Blues                                                                         Donald Byrd

[Donald Byrd: trumpet; Bobby Jaspar: tenor sax and flute; Walter Davis Jr: piano; Doug Watkins: double bass; Art Taylor: drums.]


  1. Oh yes, very nice indeed.

    And good luck with September. Has there been a King Alex before in Scottish history? My memory seems to be of a lot of King Jameses.

  2. There will be no King Alex after September and not even in 2016.

    Independence in 2016 is fine. Whether to retain the monarchy is a question for another year.