Thursday, 21 August 2014

Business Leaders Unite Against Independence ?


Seven weeks away and brought back by this!

Another day, another blow against Scottish independence?  Perhaps not, let’s look a bit closer.

Beneath this headline,

Telegraph 1 20140821

the Telegraph continues,

Telegraph 2 20140821

Of course, the Telegraph personalises the issue as being a ‘hammerblow for Alex Salmond’ as though independence or not affects only this one man and as though this man was the entire campaign but this is not the point of writing.

The aim of the businessmen’s statement is to bolster the No campaign by claiming that the hopes of economic prosperity are better by remaining a united kingdom.

Now, we know that businesses don’t like change unless they can see a significant opportunity to grow their business or profits.  Independence is a massive change and I can understand their antagonism to this change but all is not as straightforward as the businessmen and the Telegraph might wish.


Imagine we ignore their pleas and we vote for independence what will these businessmen do?

Will they ‘up sticks’ and move to rUK with the disruption this will cause to key employees?

Will they withdraw from the Scottish market and reject the profits they currently make?

Will they want to move from a soon-to-be independent Scotland within the EU to a rUK which might soon be outside the EU?


No!  Well some might but not many.

Why do I say this?


After a Yes vote the imperative for these very same businessmen is to get back to making money as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible.  They will pressure the rUK government to ensure an independence deal is not dragged out but is concluded quickly. 

The allegiance of business is to making money.  That’s all.  Get the deal one so we can get back to business!  That will be their refrain and a very welcome one to us.


What must we do?

Be resolute! 

Don’t cave in to pressure

Stand up and vote for Scotland!


Business wants to make money.  That will drive a deal.

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  1. Glad to see you posting again, Calum.

    An excellent point about business pressurising the Westminster government to grow up after a Yes vote.

    I hope you can get Music in the Morning under way again soon

    Beannacht leat

    Alba gu bràth