Friday, 19 September 2014

A Dream No More


Today is hard!  Thinking is hard!  Living is hard!  Writing is hard!  There is no flow, no coherence but I can do no more.  I am hurting!


Scotland? I am not alone but yet I feel as though I am a foreigner in my own country.

The UK is not my country; Britain is not my country.  I am a foreigner in what would have been rUK.


Close but was a defeat!  More than 2 million voted against.  They want what I despise but I must eat the shite which their votes bring.  Democracy in action! 


Today the movement is stunned.  Not dead.  With our dreams shattered, we hurt.  Tomorrow will be worse because we dare not leave them; shards cutting as we see them strewn around; stabbing as we pick them up; severing as we put them back into their place. 

Why not leave them?  The pain is part of the healing.  Without our dreams we die.

The fight goes on.  I may die still holding my dream but others will walk on.  Scotland will be free to make its own way in the world. 

A dream no more. 


  1. The UK is not my country; Britain is not my country. I am a foreigner in what would have been rUK.

    Yes but 55% of Scots residents feel it is their country ... at least for now. As you say, it will arise again.

    The major worry for me, were I Scottish, is what about those people? How will you all reconcile?

    As for Westminster, as a UKIP supporter, we are actually trying to throw out LibLabCon, to get rid of the lot of them. Don't forget I'm English Nationalist, for an English Parliament.

    So we share a view of Westminster.

  2. For the most part Calum, it was and is extraordinarily civilised. Friends and families voting different ways but smiling amidst it all, for the most part. Minor ugly scenes in Glasgow, no surprise there, but just brief a Rangers v Celtic type shouting match amid the peace and friendliness all over the land, even among those who are so hurt.

    The media and those who only get their news from it painted a simplistic and often ludicrous story. It was never about Salmond, nor even about the SNP. In our next Scttish General election due in 2016, if I remember correctly, we could easily have elected a Labour government or some coalition, and Alistair Darling could even have become our Prime Minister!

    And I have spoken to English people living here who have voted Yes, and Poles and Czechs, and others voting No, of course. And now it is done we will get on with life as usual, and those who wish will continue to campaign for what they wish, as they should. Heal now Calum, and move on, and continue to speak out for whatever it is that drives you, please. That is the real freedom we must protect.

  3. James, reconciliation will not be problem other than with those uber-British Nationalist thugs to whom Andrew politely refers.

    The referendum was about democracy not just on the 18th but every day.

    Andrew, the movement will continue, not just because we want Scotland to be independent but because we need Scotland to be independent.

    The opposition is not the 55%. The opposition is the British establishment which closed ranks so forcefully but, as others have said, we have looked into their eyes and we are not afraid.

    My biggest challenge is not political but is how I bring the correct balance into my life. This is terrible to admit, and I shall pray, but God has taken a poor 2nd place these last few weeks. I must bring Him back to where He belongs as the Guide of my life.