Thursday, 23 October 2014

Music in the Morning No. 416 – King Charles


No!  This one’s very much alive.  Born Charles Costa, King Charles is different.  Is he too different for you?

Remember my sole criterion for inclusion here is that I MUST love the music.

Ivory Road                                                                             King Charles


Have I sailed away without you?


  1. I did indeed 'sail away' and watched it on YouTube. This is from "a beautiful rooftop terrace in the center(sic) of Durham" and seems to be run by the students in Durham Univerity.
    And this is their internet radio page-

    It is heartening to know that students are not all the "idle, unwashed,politically correct morons" that the press wants us to believe they are.
    If this is anything to go by then it helps me feel good and optimistic about the future :)

    p.s. the music is pretty good too!

  2. Tomorrow we move back towards shore and the music for which the series is famous.

    I try to tell the truth but sometimes I fail!