Friday, 24 October 2014

Music in the Morning No. 417 – Veronika Skuplik


Veronika is one of three musicians today but since, twice already, she has appeared as a soloist within a group I thought she should get top billing.  Her previous appearances are here: 2010 and February 2014.

Unknown                                                                           Veronika Skuplik

[Note: the first 5 minutes are taken up with a spoken introduction in German and so we start as the music begins.]

Along with Veronika are Adrian Rovatkay on dulcian [a Renaissance woodwind instrument] and Tobias Götting on cembalo [‘cembalo’ is normally translated as a harpsichord but this one is more organ-like].


Unknown the music may be but brilliance and beauty are present.


  1. Very nice indeed.
    Spoken introduction was by Martin McWilliam but it had little to do with the music (apart from a cheap laugh at Scottish music!) so I don't know the title of the piece.

  2. Tomorrow will bring .....

    Pop over and see, JD.