Friday, 17 October 2014

No Woman Can Resist



“No woman can resist being promoted to head of something


Not my words!!!

I came across the words this morning in a post on Nourishing Obscurity, the story being that Ukip will lose funding from the European Parliament because, with the promotion of Iveta Grigule, there grouping does not meet funding criteria.  Here is the relevant part of the story.


The highlighted sentence is irrelevant to the story or so one would imagine.

It’s inclusion says more about the author than about the target.


I’ve ‘known’ James, the author, online for 7 years.  Our politics are very different: he’s of the right and I’m of the left.  Many times we’ve had run-ins over his labelling of the left.  Others have accused him for his attitudes to women.

In light of this I left a comment this morning which did not last long before James binned it.  Unfortunately I have no copy but it was along the lines of,

‘No woman can resist being promoted to head of something.’  Labelling again.  Perhaps the labels others have used of you are correct.’

Not content with removing my comment, James felt the need to preface another post with his views on me and my words. 

Can you make sense of them?

NO 2


Somehow, I don’t think James has cleared himself of charges.  Do you?