Thursday, 13 November 2014

Music in the Morning No. 434 - Déanta


On Monday I posted saying I had lost any inspiration to find more music and that MitM wouldn’t appear on Tuesday.  Wednesday saw nothing either but today, still without inspiration, the series returns for a much bigger reason, a reason I must keep to myself.  One other will know why.

We welcome Déanta with a gorgeous song.

Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder)                                           Déanta


Not bad for one with no inspiration!   Even if I have to say this myself!


  1. You still have the inspiration Calum :)
    ... and Mary Dillon has such a beautiful voice.

  2. Thanks, JD.

    I couldn't believe how beautiful this was. The band is SO together with gorgeous instrumental harmonies.

    I wasn't driven to find music which was why I missed a few days. Now, tho', I have a great reason to keep going.

    I see Mary is Cara's sister. Talented family!