Monday, 17 November 2014

There’s NO Agenda: It’s Our Glasses!


How foolish of us to think, even for a second, that the MSM was biased  against Yes in the referendum.  We were wearing Yes-tinted glasses, weren’t we?

And so we are wearing the same glasses today when we look at how a new Survation poll is reported.

One of the questions asked was,

When, if ever, do you think there should be another referendum on Scottish independence?

And the results?

  Immediately 14%
Before 2019 21
2019 to 2014 13
After 2024 12
Never 28
Don’t know 11


60% think there should be another referendum

28% think there should not be another referendum


The headlines?  Must flag up the 60%!


DR1A 20141117

Herald1 20141117

Scotsman1 20141117

Scotsman2 20141117


Especially worthy of note is the Herald with,

34% want rerun within a decade

The data shows 48% want another referendum within a decade [14% now, 21% 2014-19, 13% 2019-24].  The Herald has ignored the 14% who want another referendum now!


But there is NO agenda: it’s our glasses!


  1. Oh... That reminds me. I never did tell you (did I?) that... after all my deliberations... I voted Yes.


  2. Well!

    Although you never declared your hand I thought you would come down on 'No'.

    Have you joined the SNP?

  3. No I have not joined, nor do I intend to. I don't think I could ever join any party because each one says a lot that I can disagree with (and each says at least a little I can agree with... SNP, Greens, Lib Dems, Labour and conservatives, and probably even the Monster Raving loony party). I expect I will hesitantly continue to support independence, however, partly because it is probably inevitable so let's get on with it. I think the Yes campaign (which I regard as much wider than just the SNP) needs to get its act together with regards to the currency and the EU, although it is probably too politically contentious for the EU to provide the clarity required in return.

  4. And I have a feeling that those (and there are many, especially south of the border) who think that Nicola Sturgeon is just a wee Scots lassie are going to be surprised by what the wee Scot lassie is made of.

  5. Calum: You may be interested in my most recent letter (I get a few) in the "i" newspaper today - 23rd December 2014

  6. Unfortunately letters for 23rd aren't available online yet.

    Want to put your words here?

  7. I don't think letters at the i ever are available online. I think the thoughtless Andrew intended you to rush out and spend 30 pennies on a copy, but I shall quietly inform you that on page 14, "Your View" does carry these possibly noble (possibly foolish) words:

    "Scotland without oil

    In their eagerness to portray the falling oil price as evidence against the economic viability of an independent Scotland, many commenters appear to be ignoring the many countries of about the same size as Scotland that perfectly adequately make their own way in the world without any oil or gas reserves. Most supporters of Scottish independence would still support the independence movement even if Scotland had no oil. It's not about oil.

    Andrew R Scott

    But the Don would quickly remind you some things about this Andrew fellow: He is a bit of a fool (while also reminding you that meticulous Andrew would probably point out he is making an observation of the world as he experiences it, not necessarily a value judgement. Hmm...). His words do grace the i and the Times somewhat more than infrequently, actually, but you really need to pay money to read them, generally.

  8. Thank you, kind sir. I am honoured to know one whose words are considered worthy of publication in such esteemed organs.


    I am just a poor boy.
    Though my story's seldom told,
    I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles,
    Such are promises
    All lies and jest
    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest.

  9. "I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles,
    Such are promises"

    many voters squandered their resistance thus

  10. And to think you were a 'Don't know' for so long!

  11. I still am a "Don't Know"!

    As soon as I had voted I thought, Ummm... maybe I voted the wrong way.

    And now... I don't know.

    What will I do next time? ...

    I don't know (well, I probably do, but I'm not sure).

    And after all that I am still being asked to prove I am not a robot... A robot would probably know