Friday, 12 December 2014

McRae Post on Monday


Monday 15 December 10.00


Monday, 15 Dec, at 10am will see the publication of my 5th post, but first substantive post, on the death in 1985 of lawyer and SNP activist, Willie Macrae.  Please note that Monday’s post is not the last in the series.


If you haven’t read the background yet then use your time well.  Read the first four background posts here.


  1. No rush...

    I know you are not alowing yourself to speculate, and rightly so given your terms of investigation, but I am speculating away and thinking other speculations I have read could easily be wrong. Why two shots? Many possibilities... First one to check the gun worked? Or a first attempt pulled away from at the last moment? Or to generate an aura of mystery deliberately(by whomever)?... I have only skimmed the surface but it is an entrancing event to ponder. Take your time and forgive my wild speculations that may spice your more sound scientific method.

  2. That post is done and dusted now. I'm on to post 6 but I'm nowhere near writing about the 2 shots. Progress is long and slow - as you will see on Monday.

    I can't shut out the speculation. Wherever and whatever I read speculation is there. There would be no mystery if there was no speculation.

    In some ways the speculation is helpful because it helps me formulate questions.

    But I have to guard against favouring some speculation.

    An open mind, Andrew, is what I need and mine is more open than most!

    .... or should I say emptier than most!

  3. We should assess our exchanges as the first draft of a book, with a counterpoint between my speculations and your sober reflection... "Carr and Scott in The Case of the Gun That Fired Twice"

    Dafter ideas have done well.

    A joint trip to the locus even (but with a camera to shoot rather than a gun)

    Let's await the unfoding of events dear Holmes (I mean Carr).

  4. My! Your flights of fancy! :)

    'A Plague of Locuses'?

    I know but 'A Plague of Loci' doesn't work.

    Could I imagine a joint trip? In the same car? Yes! And I suspect by the time we reached Loch Loyne I might want to drive off the road .... but you might have made the same decision earlier.

  5. Only one of you two fellows would survive (at most), probably. It could make another fine mystery.

  6. I never know to whom I am talking. Too many identities.

  7. It's always just me

  8. I know a good psychiatrist. I'll send your details.