Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Part 6 due Monday 22 Dec @ 10.00

The Part 6 of my series on Willie Macrae will be published next Monday, 22nd December, at 10.00.

I’ll probably take a wee break over Christmas and I plan to publish Part 7 on Monday 5th January at 10am.

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  1. 22 December at 10.

    How very planned and precise that is.

    I await...

    And since you wish to favour likely over likely I'll play the game of suggesting and modifying my "most likely" scenario as the evidence emerges (and all I have looked at so far has been your posts and a quick look through wikipedia). So, currently I deem as most likely "A very troubled man (possibly under the influence of alcohol - was his blood tested - driving along and possibly playing Russian roulette (was the gun just part or fully loaded), maybe firing off one shot (any evidence where the first shot ended?) then shooting himself as he moves along, the car heading off the road down those tracks, bumping around on the rough ground, door flies open, gun flies out, car comes to rest, man not dead (survived all the way to hospital, yes?), folds arms on lap, then found... I'll adjust that if necessary as evidence arrives. I cannot think of a likely murder scenario that would leave the gun and car as they were (reportedly) found

  2. Oops, I meant likely over unlikely

  3. I never said I favour likely over unlikely. My comment was linked to your suggestion of suicide whilst driving.

    Macrae's death is a mystery because it's mysterious - what insight!

    I haven't even thought about how he died. I'm too busy looking into the circumstances of his death. Once I've gone through the circumstances then I can look at the why?

    The most important part is that you seem to be enjoying yourself. I must be doing something right.

  4. I am interested by many aspects of this, not just the actual events.