Sunday, 7 December 2014

Willie McRae: First Substantive Post Delayed


After my four introductory posts on the death of Willie Macrae (tomorrow all 4 posts will appear consolidated) there will be a delay before I can write my first substantive post on the subject.  Apologies!

But the post will come.

I hadn’t realised just how much reading I’d need to do and how much information I’d have to juggle to get to grips with just one part of this mystery.


I know the outline of the post and its structure but I want to ensure I take into account as many reports as possible.  Given that there is much conflicting information the task is taken me far longer than I anticipated.

Initially I thought I’d write a substantive post every few days!  If I manage one post a week I’ll be doing well.

Posts will appear.  I’ve committed massive amounts of time already.  I can’t stop without producing something of worth.


Please bear with me and keep checking in.


  1. A task is better done well than botched in a rush.

    I am just reading this (and one other source) and considering key thoughts that occur to me, of which one dominates, namely:

    If anyone was to set about murdering someone with the victim's own gun they would surely leave the gun in a much more feasible location than many yards away from the body IF that is really where the gun was found, unless they deliberately wanted to fuel a conspiracy theory, I suppose. I await your analysis with interest.

    Rule nothing out. Assume nothing in. End up with a continuing mystery, possibly...

  2. You highlight one of the contentious issues but also one other important point which highlights the task I have given myself.

    My need to be objective at this early stage precludes me from thinking about why would someone do X. I need to look at, eg, where was the gun. Who has said it was yards away? Who says it was close? Is there any other evidence around and what does it say about the possibilities.

    I feel as though the number of plates I'm trying to keep spinning is growing every hour.

    I appreciate your interest.

  3. I suggest you don't let it consume you Calum, to the point where you end up asking why you let it take over your life. It's an interesting thing to look through, however.

    I'll be passing the spot in a few months from now. Will stop to take a look at the cairn and plaque, and ponder.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Andrew. I suppose you're right. I can take a bit longer to think and to write but maintain some balance.

    I'll email you re taking some pics when you're at the cairn