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Willie McRae: Part 1 - Introduction

Willie MacRae Picture 1
Willie Macrae: born 18 May 1923; died 7 April 1985

This we know for certain but much else in his life and death is open to conjecture.

What is fact or fiction?

Truth or lies?

Openness or obfuscation?

Will we ever know?

Probably not but in this series – may be 1 post or 20 posts depending on my enthusiasm – I want to look back and review his story.  The best way to ensure I keep going with my review is to write and post as I go on.   You, my readers, are key to my continuing!

I must have read about Willie in the 80s but I only became aware of him on Sunday past when the Sunday Express published a story more than 24 years after his death. [Original source; archived source]

Express headline 20141130
Of course, we note the very important,

… it was claimed last night.
There’s nothing definite here but you can start to see that Macrae’s life might not be straightforward.

Within the rest of the article there is more.

Express body C 20141130

So here we have claims that he was killed:
- by drug smugglers
- by security services over his opposition to nuclear waste dumping
- over child sex abuse discoveries

Additionally there are claims elsewhere that he was involved with the SNLA (Scottish National Liberation Army) and that the security services were interested in him over this.

And then the key point is that his death was actually listed as being suicide ….
…. except some claim his death is not officially recorded as ‘suicide’ but as ‘undetermined’.


Yes, and so am I!

I don’t have a view as to whether Willie Macrae was killed by his own hand or by others.  I hope, by reading and by writing, my views will firm.

If you are interested.  Come back and read some more.

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  3. Thanks, William!

    I need that.

    With 4 scene-setting post done and well into the first major post I'm struggling to keep all the 'plates spinning'. There always so much background info to give so that readers can follow the key issues and so that they have confidence that I am being rigorous.

    As another advised, I have to be careful that this doesn't take over my life. Taking my time and not overdoing my efforts will pay dividends.