Friday, 23 January 2015

Stuck on Willie!


No!  This is not a rude post!


All week I’ve been stuck.

I can’t get the words down.

Monday’s Willie Macrae post is ready, was ready 5 days ago, but I’m stuck on the next one.  I know the points I want to make.  They’ve been clear for weeks.

BUT I can’t find the structure, any structure, to allow me to do so.

I look at the screen

Walk away

Come back

Type a little

Edit a pic

Walk away

and on and on and on this goes.


When I’ve been here before my approach is always get the words down in any structure, with no structure.  Doesn’t matter.  When the words are down I know I’ll get it sorted.

But not today!


I’m stuck on Willie!


I’ve been out all morning.  Had a lovely time.  Lovely food.


I look at the screen

Walk away

Come back




I’m stuck on Willie.


  1. I wait to see what Monday brings

    1. As usual, Monday's post will be pacy, ground-breaking, insightful and .... turgid

    2. You forgot "inconclusive" ...

      but interesting, I expect

  2. Well, hold on there, Andrew!

    It's OK for me to talk the series down but I'd prefer it if you kept to the praise.

    Oh, sometimes I get so precious. :)