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Willie McRae Part 11: Crash Questions for Police

In Part 10 I looked at the released evidence about the ‘crash’ itself. Unfortunately, such is the paucity of evidence that the only conclusion is that insufficient information is in the public domain.

Therefore, I call on the police and the Crown Office to answer more questions.

1 How was Macrae’s car recovered from its crash site and by whom?
2 Whose breakdown vehicle is shown in police photographs 1, 2, 3 and 4 (jpg files Macrae 4, 5, 6 and 7 respectively)?
3 In police photographs 2, 3 and 4 (jpg files Macrae 5, 6 and 7 respectively), three vehicles are seen in the layby.  One is the breakdown lorry.  One is a police van.  Who present at the scene was the driver of that van. Who were the passengers, if any, in the police van.
4 In those same police photographs (2, 3 and 4; jpg files Macrae 5, 6 and 7 respectively), three vehicles are seen in the layby.    The third vehicle is a car?  Is it a police car?  Who were the driver and passengers in that car?
5 Who took the photographs?
6 When were the photographs at the crash site taken?
7 When were the photographs at the crash site taken?
8 When were the measurements for the locus map taken?
9 Who analysed and measured the locus?
10 When was the locus map drawn?
11 What evidence is there to link the 57 feet skid mark in the layby to Macrae’s car?
12 In photo 7 (file ‘macrae 10.jpg’) what feature does this highlight?  What is its significance?  Why is this not shown on the locus map?
13 What evidence is there to link this feature (from Qn. 8) to Macrae’s car?
14 What evidence is there to link the 4 skid marks on the grass verge to Macrae’s car?
15 Was any estimate made of the speed of Macrae’s car as it made the 57’ skid mark in the layby and/or as it left the road (at the site of the 4 skid marks? If so, please release full details.
16 Beyond the initial measurement and photographing was any other investigation or analysis of the crash itself performed?  If not, why not? And if there were other analyses, please release the full study and conclusions.
17 During the initial and subsequent investigations, whether initiated by the police or COPFS or any other body, what analyses of the potential causes of the crash were undertaken?
18 Were any causes other than a simple one car crash considered?  If so, which other possibilities and what were the conclusions?

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