Friday, 20 February 2015

Music in the Morning No. 449 – Ossian


Ossian last graced this series more than four years ago and more than thirty-five years have gone since I first heard Ossian at Stirling Folk Club.  I loved their music then; I love it still.

Today they bring us ‘I Will Set My Ship In Order’.  The uploader wrote this,

A traditional song sometimes known as I Drew My Ship. The tune for the Ossian version was written by singer Tony Cuffe, to words from Ord's Bothy Songs and Ballads originally published in 1930, and this tune is taken up in Capercaillie's version on their album Choice Language.

I find Capecaillie’s version to be too polished and so it is Ossian you find here.


I Will Set My Ship in Order                                                           Ossian


George Jackson and vocalist Tony Cuffe no longer make music.


But their brilliance shines on!

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